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The Centre for Army Leadership

The Centre for Army Leadership is the Army’s custodian of leadership debate, thinking and doctrine. The Centre conducts academic, evidential-based research, drawing on a network of Government (including other services), Academic, Business and other (national and international) partners to gain knowledge of wider experience and best practice.

Based at Robertson house, Sandhurst, the Centre has a Military/Civil Service (Academic) mix and works to Sandhurst’s Commandant in his role as the Army’s Director Leadership. It’s mission is

To institutionalise leadership excellence and keep the British Army at the forefront of leadership thinking

It does this through 5 activities:

  • Explore and offer solutions to leadership challenges alongside government, military, business and academic partners.
  • Produce action-research papers investigating relevant leadership topics.
  • Act as guardian to the British Army’s Leadership Doctrine.
  • Act as a focus and library for the British Army’s academic leadership papers.
  • Provide leadership presentations and speakers to appropriate audiences.
  • Organise Army leadership conferences.

The Centre is always looking for interested and motivated individuals to contribute to the leadership debate. These come from across the civilian sector and the Army, all ranks and all cap badges. Good leadership and good ideas come from every rank and if you would like to be involved, either by contributing ideas or joining the team, please get in touch.



SO1 Leadership: RMAS-Gp-CAL-SO1Leadership@mod.uk

SO2 Leadership: RMAS-Gp-CAL-SO2Leadership@mod.uk

Leadership Warrant Officer: RMAS-Gp-CAL-LeadershipWO@mod.uk

Group Mailbox: RMAS-CAL-LeadershipGroupMailbox@mod.uk 

Telephone: 01276 412586



The Centre for Army Leadership
Robertson House, The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Camberley, Surrey
GU15 4NP

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