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24 Commando Engr Regt

24 Commando Engineer Regiment supports 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. Expeditionary in nature, this elite fighting force is optimised as an Amphibious formation, with the unique ability to rapidly deploy around the World and project force without reliance on ports or airfields.

Based in Chivenor, North Devon, 24 Commando Engineer Regiment is required to conduct operations across the spectrum of conflict in support of 3 Commando Brigade, meaning that each member must be trained in amphibious warfare, as well as know how to operate; in the jungle, across deserts, over mountainous terrain and in arctic conditions.

24 Commando is a hybrid regiment consisting of a Regimental Headquarters and 3 field squadrons. 54 Commando Squadron and 59 Commando Squadron are Regular sub-units based in Chivenor, whilst 131 Commando Squadron is an Army Reserve sub-unit with field troops in Plymouth , Birmingham and Bath , and its Squadron Headquarters and Support Troop in London . There is very strong history of integration and cross-pollination between the Regular and Reserve elements of the Regiment.

The Coveted Green Beret

The coveted Green Beret, the distinctive hallmark of Commando trained troops, is worn by the Regiment, recognising those who have completed the grueling and physically demanding tests of endurance, whilst displaying the Commando spirit.

Joining the Regiment

All individuals who volunteer to join the Regiment will have the opportunity to complete the 9 week All Arms Commando Course, after receiving coaching to develop their strength and endurance. Progressive in nature, this pre-course Conditioning package focuses upon developing the individual to undertake the arduous activities of the Commando course. The "train-in" not "select-out" ethos of the course, providing the individual with the best chance of success.

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