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ES Squadron CLR RM

Role: ES Sqn provides Formation Level 3 ES to 3 Commando Brigade and all affiliated first line units.  The Squadron is at Very High Readiness and provides FE of the Logistic Task Group (LTG) that supports the Lead Commando Group (LCG), to deliver support to operations worldwide. The opportunity is available for young officers to deliver both 1st and 2nd line ES when attached to deployed units, thus giving an early insight into LAD Comd. It demands the best in terms of mental agility, physical robustness and requires the upmost commitment developing an well-rounded technical officer that should strive towards meeting their full potential.

Location:  ES Sqn CLR RM is located at the Royal Marines Barracks, Chivenor, 4 miles from Barnstaple in North Devon, which is also home to 24 Cdo Engr Regt.  This is ideally placed near the popular tourist destinations Braunton, Croyde and Woolacombe, all of which boast fantastic sandy beaches, various outdoor pursuits and water sports which includes some of the best surfing locations in the UK.

Supported Units:  The Sqn supports all RM Fighting Units ES 40, 42 and 45 Cdo RM, including the RM Specialist units (30, 43 and CLR RM) and 3 Cdo Bde RM HQ.  Additionally, the Sqn supports 24 Cdo Engr Regt, 29 Cdo Regt RA, 131 Cdo Engr Regt and the Royal Marine Reserve elements within 3 Cdo Bde.

REME Reserve Bn Pairing:  N/A

Exercises/Deployments: The Sqn is currently committed to operations spanning the Mediterranean and Afghanistan, whilst maintaining a readiness for UK resilient operations.  Additionally, the Sqn is committed to multiple exercises worldwide in Afghanistan, Albania, Gibraltar, Oman, Iraq, Norway, and the USA to name a few.  Throughout the year at least one Forward Repair Team (FRT) is deployed in support of an operation, an exercise or assisting the Force Generation of RM eqpt within first line units.  The nature of deployments can vary from maritime, to land, operating in extreme cold and warm weather climates, over arduous terrain, hence the requirement to conduct specialist commando training.

Adventurous Training / Sport: RMB Chivenor has an on-site water sports centre which offers a range of water sports that can be enjoyed at leisure, coupled with opportunities to conduct Adv Trg overseas and in the UK.  The Regiment has multiple competitive teams sporting teams that have all experienced success in their respective championships and sport participation is strongly encouraged.

Life at ES Sqn CLR RM is very demanding but highly rewarding.  It is a completely unique experience for a REME solider to serve within an RM unit to develop and instil the commando qualities of courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity.