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Soldiers use simulation for javelin training

31 August 2016

A British Army anti-tank platoon has been honing its Javelin skills in the digital domain.

Soldiers from Support Company, 4th Battalion, The Rifles have used the Joint Combat Operations Virtual Environment (JCOVE) to collectively rehearse surveying, engaging and neutralising enemy armour with the Javelin medium-range, guided missile system.

The simulation, run on a network of portable computers, was configured to feature an authentic emulation of Javelin’s command launch unit and realistic models of the infantrymen’s Mastiff and Jackal vehicles.

Capt Toby Foster, Officer Commanding Anti Tanks, explained that practising the tactics, techniques and procedures for operating the pricey-but-potent weapon in a virtual environment was a cost-effective means of training and would allow his troops to deliver effectively on future exercises.

He said: “The missile itself costs a significant amount per round so the more time we can spend rehearsing getting that weapon into the right place so that it has the right effect at the right time is critical.

“If we give men more time to rehearse their actions slowly and accurately, when we put the pressure on them on exercise they will be able to do things quicker because they will have done them ten times before in a classroom.”

The mobile system was set up in the training wing of 4 Rifles’ new Normandy Barracks in Aldershot and JCOVE can be used to provide digital lessons almost anywhere, including in the field. The digital training platform has assisted with in excess of 300 weeks of training for more than 16,000 soldiers.

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