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1 Logistic Support Regiment

1 Regiment was originally known as 1 Divisional Column, providing transport support to the First Division. 1 Divisional Column's history can be traced back as far as the peninsular war 1812 where allotted troops of the Royal Wagon Train supported the First Division.

The Army Service Corps (ASC), which was born through evolution and was responsible for all mechanical transport in the Army, continued to support the First Division through to the 20th Century. On 25 Nov 1918 the ASC was granted the title 'Royal' in recognition of its' achievements.

The RASC became the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) in June 1965. The unit title was changed from 1 Divisional Column to 1 Armoured Division Transport Regiment, RCT in Dec 1977.

Following the RCT's amalgamation with the Royal Ordnance Corps, Royal Pioneer Corps, Army Catering Corps and the Royal Engineers Postal and Courier Service in April 1993, the Royal Logistic Corps was formed and the unit was entitled 1 General Support Regiment (1 GS Regt), RLC.

1 GS Regt RLC deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Bosnia before deploying to Iraq in 2003. On 1 April 2005 1 GS Regt, along with elements of 2 Close Support Regiment, formed 1 Logistic Support Regiment. Since this date, the regiment has deployed on operations to Iraq and Afghanistan (Op HERRICK 15 and 20).

On return from Op HERRICK 20 in 2014, 1 LSR was re-designated as 1 Regiment RLC. On 6 Jan 15 it re-subordinated to 101 Log Bde under 3 (UK) Div as part of the A2020 changes. The Regiment is currently rebasing from Germany to UK where it will occupy its future home in St David's Barracks from summer 2015 onwards.

The Regiment currently consists of 2 Close Support Squadron, 12 Close Support Squadron, 23 General Support Squadron, 74 (HQ) Squadron and LAD. It is partnered with 157 Transport Regiment in the UK.

1 Regt also have a strong sporting history and formidable Skiing reputation. In 2015, the Regt Ski Team won the Princess Marina Cup for the eleventh year in succession.

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