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RLC careers

The RLC is a proud Corps, held in high esteem and well respected by other Regiments in the British Army, and other Armed Forces and organisations across the world. Our reputation for logistic excellence and getting the job done what ever it takes is second to none. We are fit, hard working soldiers who always deliver.

Part of the RLC family

We are a close-knit family and during your time with us we will look after your interests. We'll train you to be a soldier, help you choose and learn a trade, and support you wherever you're needed to put your training to good use.

Pay and benefits

From the moment you join the RLC you'll be looked after. And the financial benefits are excellent. We'll pay you to train as a soldier. We'll pay you to learn a trade. We'll also pay you while you're working, on leave, playing sports and doing adventurous training. In addition you'll get a place to live, free medical care and all the other things you need to be in peak condition.

We're investing in you so that you'll be ready to do your job when your skills are needed. All we ask in return is that you're at least 15 years and 7 months old, and prepared to sign up for an initial 4 years as a soldier. 

Family and friends

Your relatives will also be part of the RLC family. We encourage them to get involved at every opportunity, and there's always plenty going on to keep them busy while you're working.

We also hold lots of events at our home in Surrey, and everyone's invited. We make it as easy as possible to keep in touch, and the financial benefits of being in the Army don't just apply to you, but to your family too.

Officer careers


RLC Officers rank among the most versatile, resourceful and organised individuals. They must be able to operate at an exceptional level in any environment.

Soldier careers


RLC soldiers are renowned for being reliable and highly skilled - fit, organised and ready for action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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