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Women in the Army

Looking for career development or the chance to travel? Perhaps you want a job that combines stability and adventure?

When you join the Army, you can be sure the challenges, rewards and opportunities are the same whether you’re male or female. And except for a few front-line combat roles, women have access to the same jobs, pay, training and promotion as men.


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Marie Claire journalism team

Trying out Army Life

‘I thought everyone would be as tough as nails,’ she says. ‘But they were really easy to talk to. Everyone was professional and very down to earth.’

We asked journalists from Look, Now and Marie Claire to join us for a day, and discover what it's really like for girls who serve in the British Army. Find out how they got on when they left their offices for the day and got stuck in.

Prove them wrong

You don't have to give up your feminity when you join, and the Army is definitely not just for men. Show the world what you're made of.

Women like you

'Being in the Army gives me stability and good career progression. I’ve been in for eight years. I can get the children to school and nursery and then do my job'

'The best part of being in the Army, for me, is that no two days are the same - one moment we are working in our offices, the next on exercise and operations.'

'Doing something different to your everyday life is great. It’s meant I’ve had a lot of opportunities to do things I wouldn’t normally, like adventurous training.'

'The best bit of being in the Army Reserve is having the opportunity to forge a second career doing exciting things which other people ordinarily wouldn’t have access to.'

FAQs - Women in the Army

Where will I sleep?

At an initial training centre you may have your own room or sleep in a single sex dormitory. After training it is usual to have your own room. Men and women have separate accommodation blocks, where they wash and sleep. But all other aspects of Army life, including eating and training, is together.

Do women deploy on operations?

Yes, everyone who joins the Army is expected to go on operations.

Do men and women train to the same level?

Men and women get the same high standard of training. The only difference is in fitness tests where targets are slightly different.

What if I want to get married or have children?

The Army supports men and women who want to marry or have a family. If you marry or enter into a civil partnership, you will be entitled to move into a family quarter. This will usually be offered before you are married. If you decide to start a family, we offer a good maternity (and paternity) package, as well as support with childcare once your baby is born. If you already have children, you can still join, and the Army offers help with childcare. LGB personnel are entitled to the same maternity rights as heterosexual soldiers. You can still join the Army if you already have children. We can offer help with your childcare.

Do men and women get paid and promoted equally?

Men and women are on the same pay scale and are paid according to their rank. The Army promotes people based on their performance, capability and potential. Every soldier receives an annual report and the best people are selected for promotion.

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