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Gurkha Settlement Office (GSO)

Who are we?

We are a team of five staff working to support the ex-service community in Nepal when they are considering applying for ‘settlement’. We are located within the premises of Headquarters British Gurkhas Nepal, Manbhawan, Lalitpur.

What do we do?

We provide assistance free of charge to individuals who are considering preparing and submitting visa applications for Indefinite Leave to Enter the UK – commonly called ‘settlement’. In addition to helping you with the application we also provide you with information on life and living in the UK in order for you to make a decision that is right for you and your family. Please download the ‘Life in the UK’ booklet from the right-hand side column for more information.

Can I visit the GSO?

Yes you can. The GSO conducts briefings 3 times a day where ex-Gurkhas and their dependants can listen to information and also ask questions. The GSO advises ex-Gurkhas to attend the briefing before they submit their application – this may avoid the wrong papers from being submitted to the UKBA.

Does the GSO provide briefings outside of Kathmandu?

Yes we do. The GSO will soon start to provide briefings to ex-servicemen and their families at Area Welfare Centres (AWCs) during the quarterly pension payments. Unfortunately it is not possible to visit all AWCs but the GSO will endeavor to visits as many as possible and Area Welfare Officers will advertise briefings as and when they are scheduled to occur.

How do I complete my application?

Once you have attended the GSO briefing and you have had your questions answered, staff in the GSO will be able to sit with you and check your supporting documents. At that time you will then book a second appointment and be helped complete the application forms – remember this is all free of charge.

What supporting documents does my application need?

The list of documents you are required to submit with your application is displayed in the right-hand side column.

Do I need to have a medical check?

One of the requirements of the application is to show that you and accompanying family members are free of Tuberculosis (TB). The UK Border Agency (this is the Government Department that grants Visas) will only accept certificates produced by the following IOM clinics with your application:

Kathmandu Jhapa

IOM Migration Health Assessment Centre,
Thirbam Sadak, Baluwatar,
Tel: 01-4417219; 4429599

IOM Resettlement Health Assessment Centre,
Devkota Chowk, Damak,
Tel: 023-585211; 585213

Please visit the UK Border Agency website for more information on TB screening.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for a visa?

For eligibility, procedures and guidance for the settlement in the UK, please visit the links to the UKBA pages on the right-hand side.

Can the GSO speak to other Agencies on my behalf?

The GSO is able to liaise with the Gurkha Settlement Project Team and Gurkha Welfare Centres in the UK to enable you to obtain your National Insurance Numbers (NINO) which you will require if you are to apply for financial benefits on arrival. You are strongly advised to obtain these before you go to the UK as until you are given one you will not be able to claim financial benefits or take up paid work.

What will the GSO not do?

The GSO will neither influence you nor make a judgment on the eligibility of your application - it is your decision to apply and the UKBA that decides on your eligibility.

What else should I consider before I apply?

  1. Applying for settlement means that you are intending to make the UK your permanent home – it is where you are going to spend the majority of your time. If you are granted settlement and then spend the majority of your time outside of the UK, the UKBA may decide to withdraw your settlement visa when you next try to return.
  2. The settlement visa is valid for the duration of your passport and you can travel as soon as you have the visa. If you delay your travel to the UK you may be questioned by an Immigration Officer on arrival at the airport as he needs to be satisfied that you intend to make the UK your permanent home.
  3. Warning: If the UKBA discovers that you have used false documents or provided false information on your application then the visa will be refused and you may be banned from entering the UK for up to 10 years.

We are here to help you

It is clear that some ex-Gurkhas are unaware of the GSO and how it can help them. They are spending a large amount of money paying for help that we provide for free. This is a great shame and a waste of money.

Contact us

If you want more information on settlement get in touch at the following:

Gurkha Settlement Office (Kathmandu)
British Gurkhas Nepal
Manbhawan, Lalitpur

Tel: 977-1-4235329, 4235327, 4235326
Fax: 01-5547561

Email: dpmgso@bgn.com.np
Website: www.army.mod.uk/bgn

Please download the contact details for essential contacts. Please also download the notice for all thinking of settlement in the UK (things to consider) for making an informed decision.

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