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Honourable Artillery Company

The HAC is the Army’s only Reserve Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) Regiment. We are based in the City of London and recruit Officers and Soldiers from across the South East.

The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC)


The HAC exists to support the Regular Army on operations. The Reserves have played a critical role in delivering international security through operations in the Middle East and elsewhere. With ongoing changes to the way the Regular Army is structured, this role will only get bigger. We work closely with 5th Regiment Royal Artillery and many other Army units.

Over the past 10 years, over 220 HAC soldiers have deployed on operations. These have included Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans, Cyprus and Op OLYMPICS in London. Most recently the Regiment has supported the medical teams in Sierra Leone. To date all deployed soldiers and officers have been volunteers, and have had their civilian jobs protected by law. They were normally mobilised for a period of 12 months: six months pre-deployment training followed by six months deployment on operations.

Operational roles for Officers and Soldiers in the HAC are hugely varied and challenging. The majority focus on our core Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) skills, however there are often broader opportunities. Sometimes these correspond with the civilian expertise and experience of our soldiers.

HAC Training

HAC Training


The HAC is one of very small number of Reserve Regiments who are permitted to run their own in-house training for new recruits. This means that you will be trained by experienced HAC instructors. You will also train alongside the same group of recruits for six months or more. You will experience tough mental and physical challenges, and will form strong friendships as a result. Weekly recruit training takes place at Finsbury Barracks in London. Weekend training and exercises take place at Army training areas around the UK.

Once you’re a qualified solider, you will join a Squadron and specialise in a particular role. You will have the opportunity to gain qualifications, many of which are linked to a civilian equivalent. You may join other Regular and Reserve units on exercise across the UK and internationally. HAC soldiers have recently trained in Cyprus, Canada, Malaysia and the United States.

HAC Life

HAC Alpine skiing team

Regimental life

Whilst operations and training comes first for HAC officers and soldiers, everyone has the opportunity to push and develop themselves through sport and adventurous training. The HAC has a proud sporting heritage and regularly competes in rugby, cricket, squash, skiing (downhill and Nordic) and polo, often at Army or Inter-Services level. There are also clubs such as cycling and ultra-marathon that offer additional challenges.

The HAC has a strong reputation for social events, and as an Officer or soldier in the Regiment you will have the opportunity to attend formal dinners, parties and the famous bi-annual ball. On a more regular basis the Regiment operates an all-ranks’ mess, so you will socialise and dine with everyone from the Regiment, regardless of rank or experience.


Join Us

A career as a Reservist in the HAC is challenging and rewarding. You can expect to be pushed out of your mental and physical comfort zone on a regular basis. If you are committed, thrive on variety and want to be the best at what you do, we can find an interesting and stimulating role for you. You will have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally through unique experiences alongside other high-calibre people.

Want to find out more? We run recruiting presentations on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6.30-9pm. It’s the perfect way to find out more about the HAC, life in the Regiment and the roles on offer. There’s no need to book and drinks are provided.

Call the recruiting team on 020 7448 0703

or email hac-recruiting-mailbox@mod.uk to find out more.

Nearest tube: Moorgate or Old Street.

Already have military experience?

Whether you’ve been a Cadet, trained at an Officer Training Corp, gained experience as a Reservist, or served in the Regular Armed Forces, we have a role for you.

Whilst the majority of Officers and Soldiers in the HAC have no previous military experience, many do. Their expertise is hugely valuable, regardless of the role they had or who they served with. If you are looking to continue your military involvement, or are looking for a new challenge, talk to us about the opportunities available. If you are still serving, including as an Officer Cadet, the transfer process is normally very straightforward and you can begin training with us right away.

Get in touch

HAC Location

Honourable Artillery Company

Honourable Artillery Company, Finsbury Barracks, City Road, LONDON EC1Y 2BQ
Telephone: 020 7448 0703
Email: hac-recruiting-mailbox@mod.uk

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Roles - The HAC offers an unrivalled variety of roles. Whichever you choose, you will face unique challenges and learn new skills

STA Patrol Soldier

You will operate in small, specialist teams and deploy covertly to identify targets, carry out surveillance and gather information. You will need to be especially physically and mentally robust to meet the challenges placed upon you. To qualify you will need to pass the demanding STA Patrol Course and meet the same standards as Regular Army Patrol Soldiers.


Surveillance Soldier

You will carry out surveillance in a huge variety of settings using technical equipment, often in support of other units. You will have to exercise judgement, remain cool and make critical decisions under pressure.   


PARA Gunner

You will coordinate air and ground assets and fire the 105mm Light Gun in support of other military units.  Your primary method of deployment will be via helicopter or parachute. To qualify you will need to pass Pre-Parachute Selection (P Company) and the Basic Parachute Course at the same standard as Regular Army PARA Gunners.


Communications Systems Operator

You will use the latest high-tech computers and radio equipment to coordinate operations and transmit vital information across the area of operations. You could be working in a headquarters or as part of a small, deployed team.


Artillery Logistician and Driver

We maintain a train hard, fight hard, play hard ethos.  We regularly take part in adventurous training expeditions from sky diving to off-piste skiing and mountaineering. The regiment competes at Army level alongside its regular counter parts in a number of challenging sports.

The HAC also hosts a significant number of social events throughout the year; these include the infamous Summer and Winter balls.


You will play one or more musical instruments as a key member of the HAC Band. You will support State ceremonial events and influence the military, government and public through music. You will work alongside some of the most talented and highly trained musicians in the British Army.’

Corps of Drums

You will first and foremost be an operational soldier who balances soldiering with a unique ceremonial role. No previous musical qualifications or experience are required. The majority of the Corps form part of the PARA Gun Troop.
Corps of Drum

Ceremonial Duties

Undertaken by all HAC officers and soldiers. You will fire gun salutes at the Tower of London and carry out Guards of Honour for State visits to the UK, as the HAC has proudly been doing for centuries. 


HAC History


The Honourable Artillery Company is the oldest regiment in the British Army and the second most senior unit of the Army Reserve.  The Company dates its origins to 1537 when Henry VIII granted a charter to the Fraternity or Guild of Artillery of Longbows, Crossbows and Handguns for ‘the better increase of the defence of this our realm’ and ‘the maintenance of the science of artillery’. 

During the Civil War period of 1642-1649, the City of London was predominantly Parliamentarian and members of the Artillery Company fought on mainly the Parliamentarian side, but there were also some Royalists amongst its membership and also men who changed sides.  Although some of the Company’s silver and records were lost during the Civil War period, its Archives mainly survive from 1657.

In 1889 a Royal Warrant gave the Secretary of State for War full control of the Company’s military affairs.  The first occasion that the Company’s membership saw active service overseas was as part of the City Imperial Volunteers (CIV) in 1900. The Regiment earned its first battle honour in the South African War from 1900-1902.  In 1908 the Company became part of the Territorial Army.

Seven HAC units were mobilised for the First World War with nearly 13,000 men serving in one of the HAC units, with around 4,000 commissioned into other units of the Armed Forces.  Over 1600 members serving either in HAC units or with other units were casualties of this war. 

In the Second World War the HAC provided four regiments of artillery, whilst its Infantry Battalion was converted into an Officer Cadet Training Unit.  Around 4,000 men were commissioned into other units of the armed forces.  Around 900 members and other men serving with HAC units died in the Second World War. 

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