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The Lancashire & Cumbrian Gunners

As Armoured Warfare and Air Assault Air Defence specialists, the unit is capable of supporting tanks and armoured infantry and destroying fast attack aircraft and helicopters in flight. The job requires you to work as part of a four-person crew alongside infantry and tank units on the battlefield, protecting British and Allied troops from air attack.

12 Regiment photo gallery

High Velocity Missile (HVM)

High Velocity Missile (HVM) System

Our Regiment is equipped with the deadly High Velocity Missile (HVM) System and is the Army's only specialist Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) regiment.
HVM flies at over three times the speed of sound, and we operate it in both the armoured role and also in the light role in support of Air Assault forces.

12 Regiment Royal Artillery provides Close Air Defence protection for both the Reaction Force and UK Forces across the full spectrum as well as maintaining a light role capability to 16 Air Assault Brigade to deploy worldwide at extremely short notice.

HVM Gunners are also required to find the best location for their weapon system, and make snap decisions about potential targets. The soldiers of 12th Regiment Royal Artillery are highly trained, highly skilled individuals who operate very technical equipment in arduous conditions. This is the result of dedication, hard work, quality training and many operational deployments. The primary role of the Headquarters element of the Regiment on operations is the manning of the Divisional Air Defence Cell (DADC), providing situational awareness via the Recognised Air Picture (RAP) and exercising minute by minute command and control of Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) within the UK and Multinational deployed HQ. They also support the training requirements of Regimental sub-units and to provide assurance on the Special To Arm (STA) training.

12 Regiment Batteries

12 (Minden) Air Assault Battery

Since forming, the battery has had many name and role changes. Equipped with 6 and 9 pounder guns, 18 pounder QF guns, 17 pounder guns, 105 Pack Howitzers, Swingfire anti tank missile system, Blowpipe, Rapier FSB1, FSB2 and finally HVM (High Velocity Missile).

The battery is now equipped with HVM LML and employed in the air assault role

12 Battery

9 (Plassey) Battery

The battery won its honorary title at the Battle of Plassey, 23 June 1757. Led by General Robert Clive, the British victory laid the foundations for the empire in India. The battle was almost entirely an artillery engagement, and the victory went some way to avenge the 45 members of the battery that had been killed at the Black Hole of Calcutta some months previously.

9 (Plassey) Battery take time each year to mark the anniversary of this famous victory.


58 (Eyre's) Battery

The battery was formed in 1786 as No 4 Company of the 3rd Bengal Artillery, in the Honourable East India Company.

It did not form part of the British Army until 1861, when the East India Company was dissolved and its Artillery transferred to the Royal Artillery. In 1857, when the Indian Mutiny broke out, the battery bore the title of No 1 Company of the 4th Bengal Foot Artillery and was commanded by Major Vincent Eyre.

58 Battery

T Battery (Shah Sujah's Tp)

T Battery (Shah Sujah’s Troop) Royal Artillery was raised on 13 September 1838 at Delhi and Meerut.

The troop was part of a 6000 strong force which invaded Afghanistan in support of the deposed Shah Sujah of Mook. The horse artillery of the Shah’s Army was a double battery of ten 6-pounder Guns and two 12-pounder Howitzers – virtually two batteries; Captain W Anderson of the Bengal Artillery commanded it at this time.

T Battery

170 HQ (Imjin) Battery

The battery first saw action in the Korean war and fought at the battle of Imjin River: 23 – 25 April 1951.

It was an independent mortar battery at the time and was one of the few units awarded the US Presidential Citation (in Korea) for its actions.

The battery has a special ceremony every year celebrating this award on St George’s Day. The honour title ‘Imjin’ was granted by Her Majesty the Queen for the batteries part in the Battle of the Imjin River.


12 Regiment Location

12 Regiment Location

12 Regiment Location

Baker Barracks,Thorney Island, Emsworth, Portsmouth, PO19 8DH

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