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The North East Gunners

97 (Lawson's Company) Battery in Helmand Province

Light Gun YouTube video

The Light Gun is used to support infantry and other combat units anywhere on the battlefield. Working with a crew to hit enemy units up to 10 miles away.

4th Regiment RA

4th Regiment

The Regiment was formed as 4th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery at Helmieh in Egypt in May 1939. The Regiment served throughout the Second World War and largely remained in Germany until the 27th June 1961, when it re-titled to 4th Regiment Royal Artillery.

In 1982 the Regiment served with 5th Airborne Brigade in the Falklands Conflict and shortly after moved to Osnabruck where it converted to the M109 155mm Self-Propelled gun and later the AS90.
The Regiment moved to Alanbrooke Barracks in North Yorkshire in 2008, where it remains today.

The Regiment is honoured to have been awarded the Freedom of Sunderland and has always maintained strong links with the Northeast of England. The Regiment served six tours of Northern Ireland between 1972 and 2003 and served in the Balkans, Iraq and returned from its third tour of Afghanistan in April 2013.

105mm Light Gun

Today the Regiment is equipped with the 105mm Light Gun and comprises of six batteries: 6/36 (Arcot 1751) Bty, 3/29 (Corunna) Bty, 129 (Dragon) Bty, 88 (Arracan) Bty, 94 Headquarters (New Zealand) Bty and 97 Bty (Lawson's Company). Under Army 2020 the Regiment will move to the Adaptive Force and is partnered with 103 Regiment Royal Artillery.

6/36 (Arcot 1751) Battery

6/36 (Arcot 1751) Battery

6/36 was formed in 1993 upon the amalgamation of 6 Battery and 36 (Arcot 1751) Battery.

The honour title Arcot comes from the capture and defence of Arcot in 1751.

As a result of the disbandment of 40th Regiment Royal Artillery, 6/36 Battery TAC group re-subordinated to 4th Regiment Royal Artillery in December 2011.

636 Battery

3/29 (Corunna) Battery

3/29 (Corunna) Battery

3 Battery was first raised as Chalmer's Company, in 1877 during the Burma campaign they captured the Myogee Bell.

29 (Corunna) Battery was formed as Hislop's Company.
The honour title 'Corunna' was granted as a result of the batteries sterling efforts, when armed with 6 pounder guns, they were rearguard to General Sir John Moore's Peninsula Army during the retreat to and subsequent battle of Corunna.

3/29 Battery is the senior Battery in the Regiment. It is also the Saluting Battery for the region.

3/29 Battery

129 (Dragon) Battery

129 (Dragon) Battery

The battery was raised in 1778.
Its first battle honour was won in India, adding ‘Seringapatam 4th May 1799’ to its colours, its second honour at the Siege of Nagapore, adding Dunkirk to its honours list after the evacuation of Dunkirk.

Following a brief, but fierce campaign, the battery saw action in the China Wars and the battery was permitted to wear a Golden Dragon, facing right to left, wearing the Imperial Crown, with the word ‘China’ underneath

129 Battery

88 (Arracan) Battery

88 (Arracan) Battery

The battery was raised in Calcutta, India, on 14 February 1802. The battery remained in India and South East Asia, taking part in several wars.

During the first Burmese War of 1825 the battery took part in the expedition from Chittagong to Arracan. The Honour Title 'Arracan' was granted to the battery in 1930 in recognition of the exceptional feat of arms performed.

88 (Arracan) Battery, the Rednecks are an L118 Light Gun battery.

88 Battery

94 HQ (New Zealand) Battery

94 (New Zealand) Battery

During the New Zealand Wars with only 4000 troops and 2 batteries of Artillery Lt Gen Cameron launched an assault into Waikato in 1863. This engagement cost both sides more men than any other engagement of the wars.

The honour title 'New Zealand' was granted to the battery.

The battery is the HQ Battery. On operations, the battery runs the Fire Support Coordination Cell (FSCC). Supporting the current battle by coordinating and allocating joint fires assets to ground call-signs in contact.

94 Battery

97 Battery (Lawson's Company)

97 (Lawson's Company) Battery

Lawson's Company holds the unique record of having been the only artillery unit to serve throughout the entire Peninsular War, from 1808 till 1814.

In 1914 the battery went to France where it remained and fought in a series of major battles. During the Second World War, the battery took part in the retreat from Dunkirk.

97 Battery is a light role TAC Battery.
In 2013, 97 Bty disbanded the L118 Light Gun element. This was a major step in re-roling 4th Regiment Royal Artillery as an adaptive force.

97 Battery

4th Regiment Location

4th Regiment Location

4th Regiment Location

Alanbrooke Bks, Topcliffe, THIRSK YO7 3EY

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