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Join the Royal Artillery

The Royal Artillery's motto is 'Ubique' - everywhere. 

We use training and technology to detect hostile forces.  The fire support teams and the command headquarters, then coordinate firepower across the combat zone.  Then over to the big guns, missiles and rockets to deliver the knockout blow.

Who are the Reservists

The Army Reserve are soldiers and officers who serve alongside the regular Army in their spare time. They're paid for the time they spend serving, and are trained to the highest standard. They can serve on operations and take part in training exercises. Find out more about the Army Reserve, and where you can fit in: http://army.mod.uk/reservist/

Gunner Officer 'loaded with opportunity'

We have the widest range of career opportunities and disciplines in the Army and most Officers serve in at least two different types of Artillery Regiment during their career.

Contact us using the information below for any further guidance.

Telephone: 01980 845843

Email: RARHQ-Manning-Officer-SO3@mod.uk

Officer Manning
Artillery Barracks
Wiltshire, SP4 8QT




Using the 155mm Tracked Armoured Field Howitzer (AS90). Crew of 8, AS90 is a fully automated howitzer which fires a 96lb shell out to 24.7 km. The gun weighs 45 tonnes, has a top speed of 55mph and comes into action in 1 min.

Regiments that have AS90:1 RHA, 19 Regt RA and 26 Regt RA.


Light Gun

Using the 105mm Light Gun. The versatile Light Gun is delivered by helicopter, landing craft, parachuted or towed on to the battlefield. A crew of 6 serve the GPS fitted system which has a range of 17.2 km. Each HE shell weighs 35 lbs.

Regiments that use Light Gun: 3 RHA, 4 Regiment RA, 7 Para RHA, 29 Cdo Regt RA.

Reserves: 103 Regt RA and 105 Regt RA.


Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS)

Using the Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRS). Small tight knit crew of 3 operate the fully computerised MLRS which fires GPS guided rockets out to 72 kms. What is more, it is accurate to within 2m.

Regiments that use MLRS: 39 Regt RA

Reserves: 101 Regt RA.


Arillery Logistics

Artillery Logisticians store, account for and re-supply Artillery units in battle with fuel, ammunition, food and water. Trained to drive DROPs HGVs, there is the chance to gain motorcycle and tracked licences as well as specialist logistics qualifications. Every Artillery Regiment must have its own supply experts, giving individuals a wide choice of postings.

Regiments that have Artillery Logistics: All Regiments

Reserves: All Reserves


Artillery Command Systems

Working as part of a small team using state of the art acoustic and computer equipment to locate the enemy, missiles, mortars and guns.

Regiments using this equipment: All Regiments

Reserves: All Reservist Regiments



The exceptional Rapier air defence missile system can engage two aircraft simultaneously at a range of 8 kilometres.  The 8 person crew have to operate one of the most technically advanced pieces of equipment in the British Army.

Regiments using this equipment - 16 Regiment RA

Reserves - 106 Regiment RA


Fire Support Team (FST)

Be part of a six person team working on the front line.  Your job is to find targets and engage them with artillery, mortars, guided missiles, attack helicopters and even fighter jets. 

Regiments using FST - 1 RHA, 3 RHA, 4 Regt RA, 7 Para RHA, 19 Regt RA, 26 Regt RA, and 29 Cdo Regt.

Reserves - 103 Regiment RA and 105 Regiment RA


High Velocity Missilie System (HVM)

The High Velocity Missile System Man portable or tracked HVM close air defence systems which are deployed alongside the Infantry and tanks. With a speed of Mach 3, the laser riding missile has a range of 5.5km and ceiling of 1000m.

Regiments using this equipment - 12 Regt RA

Reserves - 106 Regt RA.


Infantry (Secondary Role)

Combat Soldier - every Gunner is trained in basic close combat skills at Phase 2 training to ensure our ability to be deployed and operate in our primary role or as infantry anywhere in the world.

Special Observer

Insert deep behind enemy lines as a member of an elite specialist patrol.  Special Observers provide vital intelligence and engage targets with artillery, missiles, fighter jets or attack helicopters.  You must pass the 14 week Special Patrols Course.

Regiments that have Special Observers - 5 Regt RA/4/73 Battery

Reserves - The HAC



The Gunners support the Parachute Regiment with light guns.  Once Gunners have passed P-Company and have learnt how to parachute they can wear the coveted Parachute Wings.

Regiments that are Airborne - 7 Para RHA



Commando Gunners operate light guns in support of the Royal Marines and must be able to work all over the world.  Once they have passed the Commando Course they are allowed to wear the prestigious Green Beret.

Regiments that wear the green beret - 29 Cdo Regiment RA


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

As part of a UAS Team you will launch, control and recover pilotless air vehicles.  The UAS collect battlefield intelligence by beaming back images while in flight.  The information is then used to fight the battle.

Regiments that use UAS - 32 Regiment RA and 47 Regiment RA

Reserves -104 Regiment RA


Mini Unmanned Aerial Systems (MUAS)

You will be on the frontline flying the exciting MUAS known as Dessert Hawk 3.  This small aircraft sends back video of what it can see as it flies across the battlefield.  This information is then used by those fighting the battle.

Regiments that use MUAS - 32 Regiment RA and 47 Regiment RA

Reserves - 104 Regiment RA


Public Duties and State Ceremonial

Learn to gallop through London with the King's Troop RHA.  Be part of the most prestigious events held in the country, including the Queen's Birthday and the Trooping of the Colour. 

Regiments that are Ceremonial - King's Troop RHA and RA Band


Sound Ranging

Work as part of a small team using state of the art acoustic and computer equipment to locate the enemy artillery, mortars, and missile launchers.  You will then pass on this information to other parts of the Royal Artillery to allow them to engage these enemy locations.

Regiments with Sound Ranging equipment - 5 Regiment RA



Operate the hi-tech radars which are crucial in detecting enemy rockets, artillery or mortar attacks.  Warn your fellow soldiers of imminent attacks and then identify the enemy locations so that other elements of the Royal Artillery can fire back.

Regiments that use this equipment -5 Regiment



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