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1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards

1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (QDG) is the Cavalry Regiment of Wales and the Border Counties (Shropshire, Herefordshire and Cheshire). It is the senior Regiment of the Line in the British Army and has 328 years of distinguished history.

Operational role

QDG are one of the most operationally experienced regiments in the Army having seen action as the reconnaissance force during the Gulf War, Iraq War and most recently during three deployments to Afghanistan.

Traditionally the Regiment's reconnaissance role was to operate far ahead of the main armoured and infantry formations, scouting forward as the first to find the enemy, passing back timely and accurate information to guide the fighting troops, and fixing the enemy in place so they could be defeated.

Today the QDG operate either on Jackal armoured vehicles though are equally effectively dismounted, on their feet. Their role is still primarily in reconnaissance, finding the enemy and understanding the areas in which they operate. Extremely manoeuvrable and agile, they can be deployed anywhere in the world and adapt quickly to new environments. Defence engagement is also a key skill, with soldiers and officers being trained culturally and linguistically to provide the best effects at the lowest levels whilst training foreign militaries.


QDG careers can be very varied.Initial training sees you learning to drive a Jackal armoured vehicle. Next you will progress to operating and firing the Grenade Machine Gun and Heavy Machine Gun which give the vehicle its firepower.

Once you have mastered the basics there are a huge variety of different specialist skill that you can develop. The Regiment trains Snipers, Communications specialists, Physical training instructors, Anti-tank weapon operators, and Forward Air Controllers.


Where is QDG based and what does it do?

QDG are currently based at Robertson Barracks in Swanton Morley, Norfolk as part of 7th Infantry Brigade. This is following many years of being based in Germany and signals an exciting new chapter in the Regiment’s history.

Soldier development and training is constantly underway to meet the exciting demands of the new Light Cavalry role. This will see the Regiment based on the Jackal patrol vehicle as part of the Adaptable Force - a highly manoeuvrable unit ready to be deployed anywhere in the world.

The Regiment trains for all eventualities in all environments. Recent training exercises have varied from the grassy plains of Canada, to the savannah lands of Kenya, to the thick Jungle of Brunei. With time included for adventurous expeditions and sports, along with cultural days exploring local towns and cities, this is certainly an interesting, varied and rewarding life. Upcoming opportunities see training in West Africa, Malaysia, USA and Burma.


So why should you join?

If you are fit, bright and well-motivated, capable of using your initiative and want to broaden your horizons and seek adventure, you may be just what we are looking for.

We can offer you a rich, rewarding and secure career of between four or twenty-two years. You will be part of an incredibly close-knit team and make friends that will last a lifetime. Why not get in touch with our recruiting staff to explore a career in QDG.

Explore these pages to gain a greater understanding of what QDG soldiers do in the service of their country. They are an outstanding bunch who serve with exceptional courage, selfless commitment, loyalty, integrity, respect for others and discipline.

Sport and Adventure Training

There are plenty of other ways in which we look to develop our teamwork and leadership skills, whilst having fun.

Wednesday afternoons are set aside for sport. Whether you’re a budding Olympian or just enjoy a game of 5 A-side football there is something on offer for everyone.

There are opportunities to play at all levels, and depending on your sport and ability you could represent the Regimental team and even go on to play for the Royal Armoured Corps or British Army teams.

Adventure training allows you to test your grit and determination in some unusual scenarios. This year we have run a skydiving trip to California as well as  Alpine and Nordic skiing camps in Switzerland and Norway.

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