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Armoured Cavalry

Armoured cavalry regiments

Armoured Cavalry (Armd Cav) regiments provide a unique, highly mobile reconnaissance capability to the Reactive Force that is able to manoeuvre rapidly and over great distance to have an effect on the enemy. Armd Cav regiments provide the commander with the intuition that can only be delivered by a man on the ground. This is achieved through a combination of the mounted and dismounted reconnaissance skills of the Armd Cav soldier. Independent, cunning, mentally agile, and physically robust, the Armd Cav soldier has the ability to understand the enemy and environment giving him the ability to shape the enemy as well as seize and exploit fleeting opportunities. Armd Cav soldiers are able to operate independently in small teams or mass to fight for information at the very front of the Army’s Reaction Force.

Armd Cav regiments are currently equipped with the covert and battle proven CVR(T) Scimitar. From 2019 onwards, they will be equipped with the British Army’s newest and world’s most capable reconnaissance vehicle; Scout SV. Scout SV will provide a step change in capability on the battlefield, with advanced sensors in a fully digitized vehicle providing an information gathering and processing hub that doubles the range at which enemy targets are identified. Armed with a potent 40mm cannon firing armour piercing rounds, with Scout SV, the Armd Cav soldier will be able to manoeuvre to the decisive point on the battlefield to directly influence the action and provide the information that commanders need to make battle-winning decisions.

The Household Cavalry Regiment (HCR)

The HCR consists of The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals. They are the oldest and most senior regiments in the British Army and can trace their history back to 1660. The HCR is based in Windsor. They are part of the Reactive Force and support 1 Armoured Infantry Brigade. Unlike other RAC regiments, the HCR recruits nationally.

A career in the HCR is unique in that post condensed Phase 2 training, all Household Cavalry soldiers will spend their initial tour serving at the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR). The HCMR is a State Ceremonial Unit and is based at Hyde Park, London. The unit is mounted on horse back and it is their unique privilege to conduct mounted and dismounted ceremonial duties on State and Royal occasions, including the provision of the Sovereign’s Escort at the Queen’s Birthday Parade in June each year. No previous riding experience is necessary and the regiment trains its own personnel from novice to capable horseman on arrival at the HCMR.

The Royal Dragoon Guards (RDG)

The RDG are currently based in Catterick, North Yorkshire. They are part of the Reactive Force and support 20 Armoured Infantry Brigade. The RDG traditionally recruit from Northern Ireland and North Yorkshire and can trace their history back to 1685.

The Royal Lancers (RL)

The Royal Lancers are 12 Armoured Infantry Brigade’s Armoured Cavalry Regiment based in Catterick, North Yorkshire. The Regiment was formed following the amalgamation of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s) and The Queen’s Royal Lancers on the 2nd May 2015.


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