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Military Training

Your training will follow a syllabus laid out by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the world’s premier leadership training centre.

Training is structured and progressive. Military training is delivered across a 7 weekend package and weekly training nights introduce leadership and team building skills, used in both military and civilian sectors.

To become an Army Reserve Officer, you need to complete 4 Modules: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. In your first and second year of UOTC you will complete Modules Alpha and Bravo respectively.

You can then make the decision to complete your Army Reserve Officer training by completing Modules Charlie and Delta at Sandhurst thereby earning your Army Reserve Commission. Alternatively, you simply take the training and experience you have gained into your civilian career.

Remember, OCdts have no obligation to join the armed forces when they leave university and can resign from the UOTC at any time.

Module Alpha: Basic Training

This year involves getting drilled, getting dirty and getting discipline. Cadets will get a handle on all basic military techniques, from map reading to camouflage, from first aid to weapons training, and from radio procedure to fieldcraft.

Other skills include learning how to set up camp at night and how to fire your weapon and manoeuvre effectively as part of a team.


Module Bravo: Becoming a Leader

Having learnt how to be a member of an effective military team, Module Bravo teaches cadets how to manage soldiers, equipment, and the battlefield. This involves everything from planning an attack, to giving effective orders and ensuring they are carried out and from directing a constructive debrief after an exercise to ensuring the welfare of all of those under command.

It is possible to complete Module Bravo in the summer of your first year. OCdts get paid for their attendance.

Senior Cadet


OCdts can gain appointments as a Junior Under Officer where you will have the opportunity to take up the challenge of leading and supervising new recruits.

Officer Selection


An increasing number of OCdts choose to go forward for Modules Charlie, Delta and Officer Selection for either in the Regular Army or Army Reserve.

Interested in joining?

There are 15 UOTCs and 2 Officer Training Regiments (OTRs – incorporating 2 OTCs each) spread across the country.  They cater for over 4000 university students drawn from about 150 Universities.

For all joining information:

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